Living life without art is like eating food without flavour

Sure, you'll survive, but it's just not as tasty

Art with energy 
Creative energy is contagious, and I put mine into my art in the hope of paying it forward.

Art with a story
As an artist I allow my imagination run away in my art. No complaints yet.  

Art with relish
Much like toiling away at a meal you know is going to make mouths water. Bon appétit!

assorted-color wall art

Creativity as a way of life

I'm Nadia or 'Nandula' Kalutha Alexandrou. Nandula means 'little Nadia' in Greek, which is part of my heritage and what makes me, and therefore my art , the way it is.

I have always had a keen eye for detail and a curiosity for unusual perspectives - this becomes clear in my art. 

You will see animals and landscapes in fine realistic detail, splashes of abstract colour, and sometimes a touch of animation and fantasy.

There is never any uniformity. 

My colourful pallet has also made me popular with pet owners, who soon started asking me for colourful renditions of their four-legged family members. Being a big fan of animals, I was only too happy to oblige. 

My journey is still going, so watch this space to find out more!

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Finding art that you love

I’ve spent hours looking for art that sparks that creative hunger and inspirational energy in me. You know the feeling – when you see something that speaks to you directly, intrigues and completely draws you in. 

What I hate is trawling through art that seems dull, lifeless and generic, there is no ‘moth to the flame’ moment.

That’s why for me, letting go and letting my art take on a life of its own is an important part of my process – I don’t want to feel boxed in to produce a certain style of art – it just is.

Even with commissions, while we can agree on the subject and parameters of the art, it is important to have a degree of freedom so that it can develop naturally as I paint.

It is also why I encourage people to contact me directly with any specific requests. Love a print but think it would be perfect if you had your favourite quote on it? Let me know!

I want you to love this art as much as I love creating it, and for it to provide you with a lifetime of good feeling.

Art can put colour back in your everyday and remind you of your more adventurous side – it’s a process and a more exciting way of life. Embrace it.

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