Creativity as a way of life

I have spent hours looking for art that sparks creative hunger and inspirational energy in me. You know the feeling – when you see something that speaks to you directly, intrigues and completely draws you in.

That’s why for me, letting go and letting my art take on a life of its own is an important part of my process.

This is also why I approach commissions as an embarking of a journey together with you - and what comes out is a wonderful combination of my energy and your vision to produce something wholly unique.

It is also why I encourage people to contact me directly with any specific requests. Love a print but think it would be perfect if you had your favourite quote on it? Let me know!

It is important for you to love this art as much as I love creating it, and for it to provide you with a lifetime of good feeling.

Art can put colour back in your everyday and remind you of your more adventurous side – it is a process and a more exciting way of life.

May I suggest you dare to embrace it.

yellow, orange, red, green, and blue abstract painting